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About Us


Dr. Mathangi Arun - Optometrist

Dr. Arun has over 12 years of experience in the eye care field. She grew up in the Greater Toronto Area, and studied in Canada and the USA. She holds degrees in Doctor of Optometry, Master of Vision Sciences and Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Biology.

She was on the board of directors with the Canadian Tamil Medical Association(CTMA), as well as participates in public health seminars and education forums in the community on an ongoing basis.
In addition to Mount Joy Eye Care, she currently practices in Scarborough at 3850 Finch Ave E. Unit 303 (Phone: 416 297 7188)​


Sivani Krish

Sivani graduated from Oxford college's Medical & Dental Administrative course in 2013. She is the mother of 2 amazing children. 

​Sivani is looking to learn and applying new skills in the workplace and at home.


Myera Farrukh

Myera is a recent graduate from York University with a Bachelors in Health Informatics.

She is striving to enhance her skills and knowledge by working closely with Dr. Arun and her patients in a clinical environment. 

Myera is passionate about patient education and healthcare ethics. Her career goal is to research and enhance patient access to their health information, using the help of electronic systems. 

In her free time, Myera enjoys yoga, making art, and listening to music. 


Kirusan Subeethakumar


Kirusan is a student at the University of Toronto completing his Honours Bachelor of Science and has completed the International Baccalaureate diploma in high school. 

Kirusan is looking to learn more about health care related jobs and eye health by working with Dr. Arun and by interacting with the various patients that come to the practice. 

Kirusan is fluent in English, French and Tamil. In his free time, he enjoys going to the gym, eating out, and coding. 


Viththy Arun - Volunteer

Viththy is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto with a Life Science degree in the Human Biology Specialist program. He is aspiring to be an optometrist and is currently an applicant for the OD Program at the University of Waterloo. 

Viththy seeks to gain more exposure in the field by actively working with Dr. Arun, the staff, and the patients. 

He is fluent in both Tamil and English.
Aside from school, Viththy enjoys playing competitive basketball, going to the gym, volunteering, hanging out with friends, and watching horror movies. 


Alvin Hong - Volunteer

Alvin is a recent graduate from the University of Waterloo with an Honours Bachelor of Science. He is striving to become an optometrist and is currently applying to optometry school.
Along with English, Alvin is fluent in Cantonese and conversational in Mandarin. Some of his hobbies include playing the guitar, sports, and card magic.


Brian Leung - Volunteer

Brian is currently in his last year as a high school student, working towards graduating with the Health and Wellness SHSM Major.
He is actively learning about the optometric profession through the guidance of Dr. Arun and also gaining valuable experience to supplement his interests in the health sciences.
When Brian is unoccupied, he enjoys volunteering, riding his bike at the park, and watching movies. 


Brandon Yu - Volunteer

Brandon is a first year neuroscience specialist candidate at the University of Toronto and an aspiring ophthalmologist. 

Brandon is excited to have the opportunity to work with Dr Arun and the rest of the staff to gain further clinical experience and knowledge regarding ocular health.

Apart from school, Brandon enjoys playing basketball, playing the trumpet, and educating others through his various papers.