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Contact lenses offer many benefits as an alternative to eye glasses. However, contact lenses are touching the surface of your eyes, and require a specific fitting to the unique curvature of your eye.

New or existing contact lens users require regular evaluations to ensure the prescription of the lens, and health of your eyes are suitable for the contact lens your are using or interested in using.

Regular contact lens evaluations are advised for existing contact lens users. Early treatment options are possible through evaluation for contact lens related eye health changes that may cause vision threatening complications.

Contact Lens Fitting

Unlike an eyeglass prescription, a contact lens prescription requires additional details such as the base curvature and diameter. This unique additional detail is determined during a contact lens fitting exam.

A contact lens fitting is performed after a routine eye exam (which evaluates your eye health, and eye glass prescription).  Information collected from a routine eye exam, is used to perform further evaluations to determine a contact lens prescription.

During the fitting evaluations, you may need to try on more than one pair of contact lens to determine which lenses are best for you and may require follow-up visits to asses your eyes adaptation to wearing contact lenses.

Contact Lens Fitting Fees

The tests required to determine a contact lens prescription is not government-insured (OHIP), and may require an additional contact lens fitting fee, set by the optometrist.

Our fees start at $70

Contact Lens Prescription

Once the fitting process is completed and you are comfortable with the vision through your contact lenses, a final contact lens prescription will be provided including a lens prescription, base curve, and diameter for each eye.

Contact Lens Re-fitting

Existing contact lens users are advised to have regular evaluations. Contact lens complications for eye health may arise without symptoms, which can threaten your vision. However, an evaluation of the eye health regularly can allow for early detection and treatment.